Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be described as a strategic and technical works planned to increase the number of visitors of websites. By working with a professional SEO agency named Clicks, you can increase your website’s visibility in search engines such as Google and Yandex, and reach your target audience faster and easier than your competitors.

What is SEO?

”SEO” means Search Engine Optimization. To explain SEO briefly, we can say that search engines list the websites according to how prestigious, reliable, accurate and structurally user-friendly content they have. In order for the search engines see your website more prestigious, beneficial, and user-friendly, you need to work with the seo experts and agencies.

Thanks to search engine optimization process (SEO), keywords with a certain search volume can be determined and the website in question can be made more visible in these keyword searches. This whole process increases the traffic and interaction rates of the website. Traffic and interaction rate growth is sometimes measured by the number of users spending time on the page, and sometimes by the buying behavior of the users.

How To Do SEO?

Having a website which is designed in accordance with SEO rules requires a very detailed and intensive work process Remember that SEO rules cannot be realized by an individual, but they require a team work. In this process, which must be done entirely with teamwork, some main requirements such as correct keyword selection, detailed competitor analysis, on-site and off-site optimization and content production must be carried out simultaneously.

If you are the representative of a brand, you should get a professional SEO services in order to perform multi-dimensional SEO process offered by us, which cannot be done alone. In order to ensure that your website ranks higher in search engines such as Google or Yandex, and to increase your brand’s prestige and visibility, SEO process is best. By working with a professional Seo agency, you can achieve maximum efficiency in a short time. Remember, a correct and effective SEO services cannot be realized with a single person. An experienced team must be behind a successful SEO process.

How Can Seo Works Contribute To Your Brand?

Details of the SEO works are planned in accordance with your brand’s expectations and needs at the macro and micro levels. Before starting the SEO work for your brand, we determine and construct a brand-specific optimization strategy and present it to you. Certain actions are taken as a result of the analysis made for your brand’s website, competitor analysis and many transactions using different digital tools. As a result of these examinations, developments can be done in many categories including organic traffic increase and brand popularity.

New Customers

With the right SEO work, you may have new visitors who are more interactive. Thus, you can easily sell products and services on your website.

Branding Opportunity

If your website is consistently on the first page of the relevant keyword ranking in any search engine, it can be concluded that your business’s prestige in the related field is really powerful. Branding process can now be completed with a lower budget.


SEO works are really effective marketing strategies which help you to get high conversion rate with low costs. Moreover, the investment-return rate can be calculated at the beginning of the process for each SEO work.


What Do We Do in Google SEO Works?

Technical SEO

With Technical SEO work, we can ensure that your website has an infrastructure that will allow all of the SEO work.

Corporate SEO

Thanks to corporate SEO works, we, as Clickz agency, can increase brand reputation of small, medium and large businesses. Moreover, we increase your trade volume by increasing your brand value.

E-Commerce SEO

With the SEO works we conduct for your e-commerce sites, we make it possible for your brand to be more popular and successful in the sector you compete with other brands.

Local SEO

With local SEO works, we perform search engine optimization process specifically for the region you serve, and ensure that you use your budget in the most effective way.

International SEO

We ensure the growth of the brands that want to expand abroad by doing international SEO works with affordable SEO prices.

Content Optimization

We increase the number of contents in your website, share the content that will direct the users to your site on the other platforms, and gain user acquisition with quality content.

SEO Analysis Process

In the first meeting with our customers who want to have a search engine optimization service, we make a transparent service presentation about our expectations regarding the outcome of the possible work and the values we will add to the brand. In the ongoing process, our team performs competitor analysis and keyword analysis depending on the sector your brand is in. We do not wait to share the results of our analyzes with you. Then, every week we present you the SEO strategies we have designed during the process with detailed analysis, and we ensure you to control search engine optimization process.



After completing our research on the analysis of your website, the analysis of your sector, the determination of your target audience and the rate of interaction and traffic, we initiate a quote process after doing the cost analysis.



We done many works such as technical studies, content strategy determination, content production and link building in the implementation process in a way to provide the most effective SEO services.



We make our first meeting with you, the customer, we have decided to work with. After listening to the demands and expectations of our customers, we proceed to detailed competitor analysis.



After the application process, we ensure the control of the service we have provided you periodically by checking the progress of the work, measuring the traffic your website has and improving the optimization works.


SEO Consultants

Clickz provides many services to your brand with an expert team that has proven itself in the digital marketing field and has high level knowledge and experience in SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Services

Before starting SEO works for your company, we have answered the questions you may ask.

Do You Provide Guarantee For tHE First Page?

Before starting to work with a SEO agency or with a SEO expert, we strongly recommend you to ask this question. You should not work with a company which answer to this question as ”Yes”. None of the optimization work can guarantee the first page. As the most popular seach engine platform Google stated in its blog site, you should not work with the companies guarantee the first page. As Clickz, with our 10 years of experience, the most important guarantee we have provide to our customers is that you are going to get the best SEO service with the most affordable prices.

When Can I See The Results of The Seo Works?

Search engine optimization process (SEO) requires many criterias to be done in order to be achieved. In addition, you need some time to be in the higher rank as a website. In accordance with your high rate of experiences, it can be said that 3. – 6.  and 9. months of the SEO works are critical for 12 months of SEO development process.

For Which Countries Can You Do Seo Work?

By starting with the Turkey, we can offer SEO services for America, England and Australia.

Do You Do An Organic SEO Work?

Of course. All of the SEO works are done in accordance with Google rules  and because of that we do all the things based on rules, we do not offer guarantee for the first page or for the first rank. These needs cannot be listed under the category of SEO process, in addition,  these are accepted by the agencies apply black SEO.

For How Long I Should Have SEO Works?

SEO works cannot be described as process that can be done just for a period. On the contrary, as the seach engine processes develop themselves and as they create new algoritms to create the best results, the scope of the SEO works is expanded. In addition to that, even when you are in the top point, in order to protect your place in this competition, you should continue to SEO works. Because search engine platforms always update themselves. The websites which best adapt themselves to the conditions can survivor.

How The SEO Works' Cost Is Determined?

There are many factors that can be considered in the process of determining SEO works’ costs. Some of these can be listed as the competition rate in the sector your brand belongs to, the current status of the site, your expectations from the work and the tools and processes to be used.

Do You Have SEO Packtages? How Much Are Them?

We do not think that the idea of  ”SEO package” is right for your package. Each sector has different features for itself and different competitive difficulty rate, You should understand that many of the works of SEO cannot be effective. We are trying to manage this important process.

I Cannot Decide! Should I Have SEO Work?

SEO works are the most important investment tools for the firms. With the SEO works, websites can have the necessary visitor rate continiously. In addition to that, You can have these Ads works with more affordable budgets. If your keyword works are not inadequate in order to make your brand more popular, it means that you let your competitors to have your customers. By contacting right now, you can get a price quote and let us tell you how we can contribute to your website!

Can I Get on-Site Optimization

Of course! Even that many agencies do not accept to offer service in this field, we do not see this policy as beneficial. SEO works can be done by creating a hierarchy logic of the algorithm. We examine front-end and back-end process of your website not by hardening the process by make the process easier. In this way, we do not ask you for additonal costs, but we apply all the processes in controlled and sencronized way.

Are Content Prices Included in SEO Works?

We offer all of the advices we have about what we can do about contents and create a special content strategy plans in order to provide customers with free consultancy service. Because eof that the content works can be count as a different marketing group, they are not included in SEO works. However, you can easily meet the content needs of your websites, as a result of our SEO analysis we have done.

Do We Do SEO Reporting?

Of course! All SEO processes for your brand are reported to you every week. All of reports include technical analysis and reporting.

Which SEO Tools Do You Use?

We use many different SEO tools in every project for our customers by using correct analysis and receiving good results.

These tools, which are shaped according to the need, can be listed as follows;

Ahrefs, Deepcrawl, Semrush, SEO Monitor, Searchmetrics, Screaming Frog, Netpeak Spider, Topvisor, Siteliner, Ubbersuggest, Search Console, Google Analytics.


Which of our services do you interested in?

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