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Clickz team works for your brand to grow continuously. Each of our specialists who are included in our team has a great experience in their field and continues your project by solding on it.

Gökhan GÜNEŞ

Gökhan Güneş, who is the founder of the agency, provides support to the customers’ thanks to his high rate of SEO experience.

Resul ADAK
Content Manager

Resul Adak works with a digital content team which provides support to brands in the process of content producing.

SEO Exutive

Ömer Çağlayan is the SEO manager who manages all the SEO works of the brands.

Gülay ARAS
Digital Content Manager

Gülay ARAS works as digital content manager and she constructs content strategies of brands.

Frontend & Backend Developer

Çağatay Erkılıç works as interface and software developer. He provides support to firms in the fields of UI, UX, and technical SEO optimization.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Melek Yılmaz, along with her impressive strategies in the field of digital marketing, manages all the digital processes of the brands.

ADS Account Manager

Semih Duran manages the Ads accounts of the brands, and he provides high rates of conversion with advertisement strategies.

SEO Analyst

Burcu Yakut works with the SEO team, and is responsible for all the analysis processes that should be done before and after SEO works.

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