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We, as Clickz, create high-performance and most efficient strategies for Google Ads. Thanks to Google Ads sertificated experts we have, we can create high-performance plans for affordable prices.

What is Google Ads?

Google Adwords, with its new name Google Ads, is the digital advertisement service offered by Google. This system, which works based on the search volumes of different words or word groups and is used by every adwords advertising agency, offers many data-based advertisement models based on different factors such as demographic, display, interests.

How Can I Benefit From Google Ads?

Google Ads is the perfect tool of advertisment and promotion both in the national and international scope. Let’s think that you are a toy shop owner. With Google Ads, you can find out wich kind of the toys you should have more in order to increase your sales rates. Because Google Ads offers you detailed information about keywords which have high rate of seach volume. A Google Advertisement Agency use Google Ads data in order to create most efficient advertisement strategies to meet your potential customers more rapidly than your competitors.

How Can Google Ads Contribute To My Firm?

Clickz, as an experienced and professional Google Adwords agency, manages Google Adwords plans with its expert team and implements advertisement plans by which you can achieve maximum efficiency with minimum budget.

Brand Reputation

Google Ads develops the purchasing behavior of your customers by increasing your brand reputation and prestige of your brand.

Gaining New Customers

Googl Ads increase the sales rates of your products or services by helping you to introduce your brand to your potantial customers.

Flexible Advertisement Model

Google Ads provides the best concept of introducement thanks to the flexible and customizable advertisement models.


Google Ads Campaign Models


Thanks to search network models, you can have advertisement service with the Google Adwords Agency.


Thanks to GDN advertisement model, you can get banner or video advertisement services by websites which are in the agreement with the Google.


Thanks to remarketing feature, you can take advantage of alternative marketing options in order to remind your customers ourself and increase the possibility of your visitors of visiting your website again.


Thanks to the support of Adwords Advertisement Agency support, you can use impressive video adversitement alternatives in Google Ads system, or use video campaigns that has the function of encouraging cutomers to purchase a product.


With shopping ads, you can present one or more product groups you sell on Google searches together with their images and costs.


Thanks to Gmail adversitements,  you can show adversisement in the inbox of the users. Thanks to this model which enable you to create a real interaction with the users, you can talk with your potantial customers.

Google Ads Management

The advertising strategy and technical procedures we will apply for your brands that we will controlled with Google AdWords system are as follows:

  • New keywords research,
  • Different campaign groups,
  • Landing page A / B test and design,
  • PPC optimization and different PPC trials,
  • Remarketing setup,
  • Regular competitor analysis,
  • Display ad creation and testing process,
  • Custom metric reporting,

  • Sector specific audience determination,
  • Industry-specific negative keyword assignment,
  • Geographic keyword / ad granularity,
  • Ongoing bid optimization,
  • Direct search and conversion tracking,
  • Hour / Day / Week proposal changes and arrangements,
  • Shopping campaign developments and optimization,
  • Analyze and use Analytics results,

Here we are introducing Google Ads experts! Meet our team that produces digital advertising strategies for different brands.

Frequently Askes Questions About Google Ads

The answers we give to your detailed questions about Google ads management are listed below.

How Much Budget Should I Have For Google Ads?

The budget you will use for Google ads may differ according to the sector you are in, the rate of competition in the sectori and the analyzes resulting from this dilemma. As a professional Google Adwords agency Clikcz, we inform you about how you can achieve maximum efficiency with minimum budget. Of course, it is possible to create a wider advertisement by increasing the budget!

How Much Should I Pay For a Click?

The cost of each keyword is different from the other in Google. There are many factors that have an effect on this cost. Some of these can be listed as website opening speed, page compatibility, and quality.

When Do I Get Return from Ads?

The users on the Internet visit more than one website when they are in the search of a product or a service. After that, they choose one the website in order to get the product or the service. So that, there is no possibility to provide a certain answer to that question. But still,  if your website is qulifies with optimization and conversion, it has more possbility to get higher percent of customers.

What Happens if My Competitors Click on My Ads?

The virtual intelligence protocol of Google works really sensitive in this field. If clicks are made from the same IP, Google considered most of these clicks as invalid ones. The credits belong to these invalid clicks are returned to your account at the end of the day.

Can I Control The Expenses?

Of course! We are highly transparent in that sense. We create your ads from our own Google account and by giving you authority, we enable you to observe all the operational processes. Moreover, we help you to see all of the process by define your credit card to the system.

Can Keyword Studies Be Done According to My Preferences?

Of course. We can provide ads with all word-groups which make you to get potential conversion. As a result of our analysis, it is possible to determine which words by which we need to continue to create ads, by clarifying which words have the major contribution in subsequent optimization processes.


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