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Click has started to offer content marketing services 10 years ago. It has the experience of managing the content marketing process of ten thousands of brands across the world. Clickz, which create content for the agencies serve in SEO field has more experience on content marketing field, compared to its competitors.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one of the most efficient ways of reaching the potential target audience. Content marketing does not direct the customers for purchasing directly. Rather, it encourage customers to interact with the services or products that your firm provide and being aware of the prestigious of your firm.

How Can Content Marketing Be Done?

In order to create an efficient content marketing strategy, you should firstly be sure that your contents are written in a clear and understable language. Readability is one of the most important values of a content. You can multipy the main style of writing for different platforms. While applying these variations, you should remember that the contents must carry the aim of making your website more visible on search engines. In order to make search engine optimization in contents, doing SEO-compatible content editing and using keywords with high search value are important. Only a professional content agency can provide you with high-quality contents.

How Can Content Marketing Contribute To Your Firm?

By creating professional and SEO-compatible contents for your target audience, you can increase the traffic rate of your website and you can transfer details about your services or products without having selling concerns. In this way, you can prove your prestige both to your customers and to the search engines.

New Customers

Thanks to content marketing, you can direct the customers to the website you sell your products via a sincere content.

Decreased Cost

The cost of content marketing is %62 lower for the small businesses, compared to the traditional advertisement methods.

Investment Return

Content marketing does not see a general population as a target, rather it specifies the target audience. So that, the investment return is higher in that method.


Content Marketing Models

Content of the Product

By showing the features of your products to your customers in most accurate way, we increase your sales.

Content of the Website

By creating contents for ”Homepage”, ”About Us” and ”Contact” pages of your websites, we add value to your brand image.

Content of the Category

By explaining the products and services you offer in different categories, we both provide search engine optimization and encourage your customers to show interaction.

Content of the Blog

As a professional SEO agency, we write unique and SEO-compatible contents which can direct people to your website. In that way, we increase the traffic of your website.

Content of the Meta

We determine your meta content by making it SEO-compatible as an experienced SEO agency.

Social Content

Along with high interaction rate Facebook / Twitter / Instagram posts, we introduce your brand to wider masses.

Content Analyzing Process

As a digital content agency, with the special content marketing strategy we develop for your brand, we make goal oriented works. In meeting we hold at the beginning of the process, we tell you about content producing process in detail and determine the targets to reach with these contents. We also determine the actions will be taken in order to reach these targets.



We make analysis of content in your website and detect the deficiencies of these. After that, we make competitor analysis and we dicriminate your target auidence from others, and describe your digital marketing aims.



After preparing your contents, as a professional content agency, we provide you with interactive content and marketing suggestions. We offer you some information about keywords, hashtags and meta description styles should be focused on.



After determining content strategy and before producing the contents, we determine the keywords, titles, hashtags and structures to be used. We try to be sure about the results and the influence of the works we are going to do.



We make the analysis of the contents after publishing process, and do the editing transactions if the necessary conversion is not received.



Meet the content writers of Clickz who are proven to be the best about content producing and experienced by working with many different brands.

Frequently Asked Questions about Content Marketing

The section that we answer to the most frequently asked questions about content marketing.

What is Content Agency?

Digital Content Agency is an agency that prepare the necessary contents which are interactive and needed in the local and international market by brands to be more visible.

What Does Content Agency Do?

A content agecy offer different services from managing the need of content of brands to support these brands during the marketing process. In general, website content, blog content, product promotion content, ”About Us” content, fixed page content, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail marketing content and many other types of contents are produced by these agencies.


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